Comprehensive Eye Examinations

At Envision Eye Care, we strive to provide Comprehensive Eye Examinations Edmonton for the whole family. From pediatric eye care to screening for various eye diseases to specialty contact lens fittings, we are equipped with the latest equipment for your eye care needs.

Our comprehensive eye care services include glaucoma management, pre- and post- operative cataracts care, pre- and post- LASIK, diabetic eye disease co-management, corneal disorders, and more. Routine eye examinations are important to maintain good eye health, as many vision problems are symptomless, but are diagnosed easily by an Optometrist. By diagnosing eye and vision conditions early on, we are able to provide treatment options, and in many cases maintain, restore, or prevent vision loss.

EPS & Fire Rescue Exams

Envision Eye Care is proud supporters of the Edmonton Police Service and Fire Rescue Services in Edmonton. We provide required testing for applicants to Edmonton Police Service as well as other Canadian cities.  Candidates that have had any type of corrective surgery will require additional testing.


Edmonton Police Service Vision Requirements:

Applicants must meet an uncorrected visual acuity of at least 20/40 (6/12) with both eyes open. Applicants who require visual aids (glasses or contact lenses) must have vision of 20:20 (6:6) with both eyes open. Applicants who are farsighted, the hyperopia must not be great than +2.00 d, spheroequivalent in the least hyperopic eye. Applicants who are near sighted must have in excess of 5 eso or 5 exo. Lateral Phoria “Far” and Lateral Phoria “Near” applicants requires additional information from an eye care professional, which documents that the person is unlikely to experience double vision when fatigued or functioning in reduced visual environments. All applicants must be able to pass the Farnsworth D-15 color vision test without any color corrective (e.g. x-chrom, Chromagen) lenses. Depth perception must be a stereo acuity of 80 seconds of arc or better. Additional testing is also required for patients who have had corrective surgery. This requires testing with special goggles and contrast sensitivity chart.

Vision that does not meet these standards will be cause for rejection. The procedures of orthokeratology, Intra-Stromalcorneal Rings and corneal implants are not acceptable as a means of visual acuity enhancement. Applicants must submit a vision report, signed by a qualified Opthalmologist or Optometrist.  

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