Comprehensive Eye Examinations

From pediatric eye care to screening for various eye diseases to specialty contact lens fittings, we are equipped with the latest equipment for your eye care needs.

Non-surgical Vision Correction

Non-surgical vision correction is an alternative to laser vision correction for patients who wish to be independent of their daytime glasses and contact lenses.

Pediatrics and Vision Therapy

Pediatric eye examinations performed by an Optometrist is important for ensuring a child’s eyes are healthy and have the visual skills necessary for learning and development.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Scleral lens treatment at Envision Eye Care is often indicated for patients with various ocular surface pathologies, as they provide corneal protection and vision improvement.

Eyewear Gallery

Whether you’re getting a cool new pair of sunglasses or a spare pair of computer glasses, you will find what you’re looking for at Envision Eye Care.

Advanced Dry Eye Therapy

Discomfort when reading, working at the computer, and watching television are just a few problems caused by this condition.

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